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The European EGA Handicap System

This handicap system calculates a players handicap using the course rating and slope rating.
( Note - At you can choose to use just the course rating, in which case the slope rating is always set to the average slope rating of 113 ). Course rating is the equivalant of Standard Scratch Score that is used in the UK.

A playing handicap is determined using the players official handicap and the course & slope ratings.
Scores are converted to stableford points for handicapping purposes.
Players who's stableford score is under their official handicap have their handicaps reduced. Players who's stableford score is over their official handicap by more than the buffer zone, have their handicaps increased.

The table below shows the amount of increase or decrease. These are the default EGA settings and can be changed to suit your society.

Handicap Range Buffer Zone
(stableford points)
Reduction per point over 36 Increase if below buffer zone.
up to 4.4 35-36 0.1 0.1
4.5 to 11.4 34-36 0.2 0.1
11.5 to 18.4 33-36 0.3 0.1
18.5 to 26.4 32-36 0.4 0.1
26.5 to 36.0 31-36 0.5 0.2

This system can be amended to suit your particular golf society by using the advanced settings.