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Get Your Own Society Website
For example
We can also provide you with a top level domain name (eg and email address (eg   info
Our society websites do not contain any adverts and have a propper web address
so theres no need to login to view your society website just go directly to your web address.

Record and Store Scorecard Information and Competition Details

Record your competition scores and your website will show you a variety of statistics aswell as detailed competition results, reports and handicaps.

Automatically Calculate Handicaps
Handicaps can be calculated automatically whenever you enter a scorecard.
You can use the UK, EGA or USGA handicap systems, or you can update manually.

Society Message Board
Your very own message board where your members can post messages.

Detailed Statistics
Every time you enter a scorecard it automatically updates a variety of player
and society statistics. You can even record optional data such as putts or sand saves,
which produce even more data.

Add Your Photos and Slide Shows
Upload and display photos and slideshows on your website.

Add your own web pages
An easy to use online editting system lets you create up to 5 additional pages without any programming skills.

Online Competition Entry
Your society members can request entry to forthcoming events by filling in a form on your site.

Try it absolutely free for a month, then for only £29.95 per year.  info
Note - this is a charge per society and not per person and in many cases the actual cost per person can be under £1 per year.

We are adding new features all the time so if you have any questions please get in touch.
Have a look at an example website: